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    Internal wall repair so good you will forget the damage was ever there

    Do you have problem spots on your walls that you’re tired of looking at? Have you been putting off wall repair because you fear the costs are too high? We have the solution for you!

    We’re the specialists for internal wall repair in Toowoomba. We have you covered for all types of wall damage, including dents, water damage, cracks, and holes. Unfortunately, damage can happen for many reasons, including your children playing too hard, movers mishandling your furniture, or even a roof leak. 

    No matter the cause, we’ll find the best way to address it. If there’s an underlying problem, we’ll also provide suggestions on how to solve that so your wall damage doesn’t return. The best part about our services is that your damage will be virtually erased like it was never there. 

    When you call us, we promise a fantastic job the first time we’re out. With years of experience and excellent skills, our business is centered on delivering quality results that we know will last. If you want respectful, dependable service from a plasterer in Toowoomba you can count on to deliver seamless, beautiful work, don’t hesitate to call us.


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    (07) 3060 8553

    cracked call needs repair

    Don’t settle for a quick and nasty wall repair that looks awful, ruining the aesthetic of your room

    While anyone can attempt to repair a wall, the outcome isn’t the same when you try to DIY or don’t hire a plasterer. The handyperson down the road may not have the skill and expertise needed to deliver a seamless finish ready to be painted. Instead, you’ll likely end up with an eyesore that’s frankly doesn’t look better than the damage in the first place.

    Precise wall repair with a smooth and even finish

    Water-damaged wall repair

    Water damage is a serious problem and doesn’t just affect ceilings. If you have a leak in your roof or a pipe burst, it can cause severe damage to your walls. While it looks awful, it goes much deeper than that. A water-damaged wall can be structurally compromised, leading to other, more costly problems. In addition, it can lead to mould and mildew growth, which can cause severe health problems. While you’ll need to have the source of the problem repaired to ensure lasting results for your water-damaged wall repair, we can ensure your walls look like nothing ever happened. We also offer ceiling repair

    Wall repair Toowoomba

    Repair of Holes and Dents

    Unfortunately, holes and dents on walls do happen. Whether you’re moving furniture and getting too close to the wall, or the kids decided today was the day to play with a cricket ball in the house, it can be extremely easy to cause damage. Dents and holes can be quite the eyesore, taking away from your room’s overall aesthetic. We offer hole in wall repair that will give your wall a seamless finish, restoring the value of your property. 

    cracked ceiling and wall repairs Toowoomba Darling Downs

    Wall Crack Repair

    Wall cracks are often caused by foundation movement. When you call for repair, we can help identify the problem and recommend how to proceed. Ultimately, you’ll need to have the source of the issue addressed to ensure the repair is a long-term solution. Otherwise, your wall will likely crack again, requiring future repair work. In some cases, the repairs can be as simple as adding a top coat of plaster and smoothing the surface to be painted. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may need to replace the entire panel to ensure you get the best, most aesthetically pleasing results.

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    An experienced, skilled plasterer with attention to detail

    No matter what has caused your wall damage, we’ll take the time to address every detail, delivering beautiful results that rewind the clock on the damage. When you need a skilled, experienced plasterer in Toowoomba, we’re the clear choice for any size project.

    • Many years of experience in the plastering/renovation industries: Over the years, we’ve seen and done it all when it comes to wall repair, enabling us to deliver the best results, cost-effectively. 
    • Good communication, friendly, approachable and honest: We believe in always being respectful, polite, and positive.
    • Durable results thanks to high-quality materials and doing things properly: You’re guaranteed the best results because we don’t skip steps, cut corners, or use low-quality materials.
    • Commercial and residential: We’ve got you covered with services for your home and business. 
    final product of installed plasterboard ceiling in commercial property Toowoomba

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    We repair internal walls in Toowoomba!


    If you have damaged walls, call us or complete our online request form.

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    Your walls will be restored to like-new condition as if nothing ever happened.

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    More about our wall repair services in and around Toowoomba

    What causes water damage on a wall?

    Water damage on a wall is often the result of roof leaks or a burst pipe. Another cause that many homeowners overlook is their gutter system. While they may seem unrelated, when gutters are blocked, they back up, causing water to seep underneath the roof. This causes leaks, damaging your home’s exterior walls.

    What causes cracks on a wall?

    Foundation movement is a primary cause of wall cracks. As the foundation shifts, the walls of your home will also experience movement, which causes cracking in the plaster. If you remove a weight-bearing wall without adequately replacing the support, your walls can also experience shifting, leading to cracking. Additionally, if the original plasterer who performed the gyprock installation of the walls used the wrong materials for joining and smoothing surfaces, it can lead to cracking and crumbling.

    Will it be noticeable where the wall damage was?

    It depends. If you choose someone who is not skilled at wall repair, you will likely get a poor-quality result that is very noticeable. When you hire a qualified plasterer with experience, you can expect seamless results that look amazing. In addition, if the area of damage was expansive, there is a chance that it may leave behind some signs after repairs are completed. If the affected area is large, gyprock sections will be removed and replaced to enable a smooth surface, this will enable the end outcome to be a lot more discrete and much higher standard than patch job repairs for areas that are extensively affected. 

    Small wall repairs

    We also complete small wall repairs on holes and dents caused by minor accidents, keeping your walls free from cosmetic damage. However, if you have extensive damage, we won’t be able to do a minor repair–we’ll need to remove and replace the plasterboard to guarantee the smooth finish we are known for. This service is common for tenants when vacating a property, they may be asked to repair holes/dents in the wall caused during their tenancy to get the bond back. 

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