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    Solidly built suspended ceilings

    There are several situations in which it may be a good, cost-effective decision to have a suspended ceiling installed on your property, one of which is during a renovation, if the existing ceiling is severely damaged, it may not be worth the money or time to repair it. Installing a dropped ceiling would provide a smooth, unblemished surface that completely conceals the damage. Other instances include if you have a cement or asbestos ceiling and want to install downlights and other modern fixtures, you’ll be better off installing a dropped gyprock ceiling than trying to work with what you’ve got. 

    We’re your source for expertly installed suspended ceilings. We do everything from installing the framing to installing the plasterboards and cornices. We also plaster all the joins with precision, ensuring a smooth finish that looks modern. 

    Our services include suspended ceilings for residential buildings as well as for commercial settings. These options are ideal for several reasons, including thermoregulation, soundproofing, and covering utilities. 

    Don’t settle for less when you want a precision installation of a new suspended ceiling. Call the trusted plasterer Toowoomba locals rely on. We’ll have your new dropped ceiling installed precisely for a seamless appearance, leaving your property looking amazing.

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    top standard suspended ceiling toowoomba

    Invest in a new suspended ceiling that gives your home a modern appeal

    When your ceiling is outdated or made from a material you can’t easily work with, it can really detract from any room. Even if you try to repaint it, you won’t get the same result as installing a new dropped ceiling. With a seamless, unblemished finish, your room will have an entirely modern feel, boosting your property value.

    Quality False Ceilings Installed in Toowoomba

    suspended ceiling installation Toowoomba

    Residential dropped ceilings

    A false ceiling installation is a type of ceiling hung beneath an existing ceiling within a room. It can be used for concealment purposes to cover wiring or pipes, improve the space’s acoustic qualities and provide a cleaner look.

    In multi-storey buildings, they’re frequently installed beneath concrete ceilings. This process makes changing the location of utilities significantly easier. This includes vents for air conditioning and electrical cables so downlights can be installed.

    It’s also not uncommon to install a dropped ceiling beneath a popcorn ceiling, as it is more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll enjoy a much more modern and sleek appearance without the hassle of removing the original ceiling which can sometimes be near impossible or at least very costly and messy.

    commercial suspended ceiling toowoomba

    Commercial false ceilings

    For commercial properties, the most common type of suspended ceiling is the grid type. You’ll often find these in office spaces and retail stores. They work well for commercial buildings due to never needing repainting, which saves a significant sum on maintenance fees. Tradespeople will also have easy access to all utilities hidden by the ceiling. We’re highly skilled at all types of commercial false ceiling installation and can have yours expertly in place in no time.

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    Why choose us for the installation of your suspended ceiling?

    We have the experience, know-how, and skills needed to efficiently install a new suspended ceiling in your home or business. Whether you need one room or the entire building addressed, we’ll have you taken care of for an affordable rate. 

    • Many years of experience in the plastering/renovation industries: We have seen and done it all in regard to plastering, ensuring you’ll get the best dropped ceiling.
    • Good communication, friendly, approachable and honest: We’re always communicative, treating our customers with the respect they deserve.
    • Durable results thanks to high-quality materials and doing things properly: We always take the time to do the job right and use the best materials to ensure long-lasting results.
    • Commercial and residential: We install dropped ceilings in homes and businesses. We also offer wall repair and ceiling repair services. 
    Toowoomba Red Rooster ceiling plastering

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    Get your suspended ceiling installed with a reliable team


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    The benefits of a suspended ceiling

    Modernise your home

    If your current ceiling is outdated or looks worn-out, you can choose a suspended ceiling installation to modernise your home’s interior. Popular ceiling types to conceal are cement and popcorn, as a dropped ceiling provides improved aesthetic value. A very common benefit that suspended ceilings are known for is the ability to install downlights easily, which significantly improves the aesthetics of a room, whether its down lights or just adding or moving light fixtures, your options are much more extensive than with old cement or vermiculite ceilings. So if you’re tossing up between investing in ceiling repair or investing in a new dropped ceiling, consider that a dropped ceiling may be a better long term option. 

    Cover utilities

    Dropped ceilings also function as a cosmetic concealment option. If you have pipes or wiring along your existing ceiling, you can cover them with the newly installed ceiling for a tidy look. When they’re exposed, it leaves a more unsightly appearance that you’d rather not see.

    Thermoregulate your room

    When you have a dropped ceiling, it helps regulate the temperature. Especially when it comes to using air conditioning for heating or cooling, you have less air space to heat or cool and an extra layer of protection from letting the thermoregulated air escape. This works well in multi-storey buildings where rising heat can be problematic for those above you.

    Improve soundproofing

    A suspended ceiling can reduce the amount of noise that travels between floors, which can help when you live in a multi-storey building. Your neighbours will hear less from you and you from them. Also helpful in multistorey homes, to reduce the impact of noise between levels. 

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