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Our Professional Plastering Services

in Toowoomba include:

Plasterboard Installation Toowoomba

  • All interior wall plasterboard gyprock walls

  • Soundproof plasterboard gyprock installation

  • Fire rated plasterboard installation

  • Partition wall installation

Plastering Renovations Toowoomba

  • Internal wall plastering

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Vermiculite ceiling removal

    • Also known as popcorn ceiling, it has a bad reputation due to the ingredients in the spray on /painted on surface sometimes including asbestos. When this ceiling deteriorates and disintegrates the asbestos can become airborne which becomes a health risk to those exposed. It is recommended to have a professional look at the state of the vermiculite ceiling if you are concerned about it. 
    • If your vermiculite ceiling is in good condition you may be able to leave it as is consider a suspended ceiling installation to bring a modern look to the house as well as the benefits of better insulation and sound proofing.
  • Kitchen bulkhead construction

    • A section of the ceiling that protrudes out from the rest of the wall, they’re commonly used in kitchens especially to hide utilities such as electrical wiring and piping, vents etc. 
    • They can be used as an aesthetic design feature as well as functional feature such as for storage. 

Ceiling Repair Toowoomba

  • Ceiling resurfacing

Our plastering services include ceiling repair in Toowoomba. Is your ceiling showing signs of deterioration? Maybe you’ve got some stains of water damage, mould growing, cracks that are visible or some superficial bubbling

Our expert plasterers will be able to assess if resurfacing your ceiling is a good and cost effective option for you. This is especially important if you’re renovating your home, have a clean, even ceiling will be a good foundation to be able to paint it and get it looking as good as the rest of your home in Toowoomba

  • Water damaged ceiling repair and sagging plasterboard ceiling repair

  • Having water damaged ceilings repaired quickly after the damage has occurred will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Water damage can occur due to a burst or leaking pipe or a leaking roof.
  • Our plasterers will repair the water damage on the ceiling and we can recommend other trades people if required to fix the leaking roof or an emergency plumber to fix the burst pipe.
  • Sagging plasterboard can be the result of structural damage in the house, movement caused by weather changes and ageing of your home or the presence of termites.
  • Ceiling repair for modern homes

    • modern homes are pretty straight forward with their ceilings however getting a smooth finish requires skills because if a surface is not prepared correctly it will be noticeable when it’s painted!
  • Ceiling repair for heritage homes

  • Are you renovating a beautiful heritage home in Toowoomba? We have skills that have been developed over the years in being able to restore the detailed decorative ceilings in older homes.
    • Whether you require your decorative ceiling repaired in a small section or the whole entire ceiling needs restoration, our plastering team can help you get it back to its glory days.
    • Decorative plaster ceiling repair
  • Skylight Plastering:

    • if you have been considering getting a skylight installed in your roof and ceiling, you will need to have someone construct the area around your skylight internally, and of course we recommend contacting us!

Gyprock Repairs Toowoomba

  • Wall repair

    • our plastering services include wall repair in Toowoomba, repairing small holes in plasterboard from incidents that happen when the kids are running around or discovering. how hard they can throw a cricket ball… 
    • repairing dents and holes in plasterboard from when the removalist accidentally damaged the wall whilst moving the book shelf
    • repairing big cracks and holes in plasterboard 
    • finishing the process of removing a wall, making an open plan living arrangement that requires plastering to tidy it all up 
  • Gyprock repair

    • When walls are repaired well, they’ll be discreet and you won’t even notice where the repair was made. For this outcome you need a plasterer who is skilled and experienced

Suspended Ceilings Toowoomba

  • Suspended ceiling installation for renovations 

    • to hide electric wiring and plumbing
  • Dropped ceiling installation

    • to cover vermiculite ceilings
    • improve acoustics in the home especially important if you have an apartment with noisy neighbours above you or if you are wanting to create a home theatre
    • downlight installation for a modern look instead of drilling into vermiculite ceilings!
  • Archway plastering

    • for the fancy homes with archways, we offer restoration plastering services that can get your archways looking great again

Plaster Cornice Repair and Installation Toowoomba

  • Cornice repair for heritage homes

    • sometimes the cornice in heritage homes are not manufactured anymore therefore a skilled plasterer is needed to restore your cornices or perhaps it would be more appropriate and cost effective to replace all the cornices in the room to have uniform look. 
    • Ornamental cornice repair

  • Cornice repair for modern homes

    • often times cornices are able to be bought and replaced, our plastering team can repair them and replace them when needed 
  • Installation of cornices

Plastering Services Toowoomba

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