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    Quality Ceiling Repair Done Properly

    When it comes to your ceiling, you want it to look just as good as the rest of your home. If it’s damaged or needs repair, it can ruin the entire effect of your room. To get the best ceiling repair possible, you need a qualified plasterer who can seamlessly blend their work in with the rest of the ceiling. This will result in the perfect finish, with no one ever knowing you had damage, to begin with.

    We bring this standard of finish to all of our projects. We’re the go-to Toowoomba plasterer for all ceiling repair needs, including the following services:

    • Water-damaged ceiling repair
    • Cracked ceiling repairs
    • Sagging ceiling repair
    • Decorative plaster ceiling repair
    • Skylight plastering
    • & More

    No matter how complex your job is, we can handle it. We take on any size project, delivering exceptional service every time. We’ve honed our skills over the years, ensuring your repaired ceiling will be unblemished and ready for a new coat of paint. 

    If you need a qualified plasterer for ceiling repair in Toowoomba, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll have your ceiling looking good as new before you know it. We also offer wall repair services. 

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    Don’t settle for a sloppy ceiling repair that doesn’t blend in with the rest of your ceiling

    The risk you take when you hire someone not qualified for the job is that your ‘repair’ may leave you worse off than when you started. In some unfortunate cases, you’ll need to hire someone else to come after them and fix the mess they’ve made of your ceiling. Instead, choose someone from the get-go who has the skills, experience and the know-how when it comes to plastering to repair your ceiling properly.

    A Seamless Repair of Your Ceiling

    water damaged ceiling repair toowoomba

    Water-Damaged Ceiling Repair

    It’s critical to repair water-damaged ceilings as quickly as possible, as they can lead to other problems, such as mould growth. When you call us for repair, we can help you with recommendations for other tradespeople to solve the underlying problem causing the water damage. It often comes from a roof leak or a burst pipe. Having this repaired is essential, or your ceiling will only become damaged once more. Once the cause of the water damage is addressed, we’ll remove all signs of the damage, providing you with a smooth ceiling ready for painting.

    commercial suspended ceiling toowoomba

    Sagging Ceiling Repair

    Over time, the fasteners that hold your ceiling in place can begin to fail, causing sagging. Water damage can also lead to sagging. Initially, it will likely be challenging to recognise as the movement will be minimal. However, as the situation worsens, and the sagging is significant it can pose a safety risk as it could even collapse if the sag is bad enough. As soon as you notice your ceiling is sagging, calling us for service is critical before it becomes a severe safety risk or the repair costs become astronomical.

    cracked ceiling repair toowoomba

    Cracked Ceiling Repair

    Several issues can cause ceiling cracks. Some are simply superficial and nothing to worry about, such as poor quality workmanship during your ceiling installation or inferior quality paints. However, they can also be due to something more severe, such as a shifting foundation or movement in the roof trusses. When you call us for cracked ceiling repair, we can help identify the cause of the cracks and recommend the best course of action. If it’s more than a cosmetic issue, you’ll need to have the cause addressed for a long-term solution to your problem, or the cracks will return following our repair efforts. 

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    Experienced Plasterer Servicing Toowoomba

    We’re the go-to plasterer in Toowoomba for all types of ceiling repair. When we’re on the job, you can count on a flawless repair that blends seamlessly into the rest of the ceiling. You won’t be able to tell where the damage was located. 

    • Many years of experience in the plastering/renovation industries: We’ve been in the plastering and renovation industries for many years, giving us a solid background and extensive experience to know how to deliver the highest quality experience to all our customers.
    • Good communication, friendly, approachable and honest: When we come to your home, we’ll be on time, respectful, and always have a good attitude. 
    • Durable results thanks to high-quality materials and doing things properly: There’s no such thing as cutting corners on our team–we do things the right way every time, even if it takes longer. That’s how we deliver flawless ceiling repairs every time that aren’t just a bandaid fix but will last.
    • Commercial and residential: We offer our exceptional ceiling repair services to residential and commercial customers.
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    Further information on our ceiling repair services

    Common causes of water damage on a ceiling

    A water-damaged ceiling can be caused by several different problems. Burst pipes and roof leaks are two of the most prevalent causes of water damage. One factor that may be contributing to water-damaged ceilings is blocked gutters. When your gutters cannot freely flow, the water will back up and under your roof, infiltrating your home. This leads to leaks that damage your ceiling.

    What are signs that there might be water damage on your ceiling?

    Water damage has distinctive signs that you can easily recognise. One of the primary ones is discolouration, often in the form of brown watermarks. In addition, you could have sinking or sagging areas. Often, the paint will begin to peel. You may also experience mould growth, which may be visible or cause a pungent smell.

    Why is your ceiling sagging?

    Your ceiling can sag because of movement in your foundation, which can cause significant structural damage to your home. Additionally, water damage can cause sinking and sagging in the affected areas. The construction of the ceiling is another significant factor. If low-quality materials or shortcuts were used during the installation, it could lead to structural problems. Another cause of a sagging ceiling could be that a load-bearing wall was removed without adequate support beams being put in place, this leads to the ceiling not being able to support itself. 

    Get the cause of the problem fixed before you get your ceiling repaired

    If you don’t have the problem causing your ceiling damage repaired before paying for repairs, you could waste a lot of money and resources. Burst pipes, roof leaks, blocked gutters, and foundation problems need to be resolved, or they will continue to cause problems with your ceiling. If you have repairs completed without solving these issues, the damage will happen again, requiring another round of repairs.

    One thing to consider is that if you have cement or vermiculite ceilings, it may be worth while to consider the installation of a suspended ceiling instead of investing in aesthetically fixing an existing ceiling that will be very hard to modernise. Especially if you are renovating, consider that you won’t be able to change lighting location or utility location easily in cement ceilings, but a dropped gyprock ceiling will be a resource effective solution to this. 

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