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Our expert plasterer Toowoomba team can help you with any plastering problem or project that you have, our services range from fixing a hole in your wall to installation of a new dropped ceiling, no job it too big or too small for our team.

We are fully licensed and insured, work with a quality plasterer with an eye for detail and a great work ethic.

  Plastering Services in Toowoomba QLD

Plasterboard Installation Toowoomba

  • All interior wall plasterboard gyprock walls

    • for new builds (timber and metal stud framing)
    • for renovations and granny flats
  • Soundproof plasterboard gyprock installation

  • Fire rated plasterboard installation

  • Partition wall installation

Plastering Renovations Toowoomba

  • Internal wall plastering

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Vermiculite ceiling removal

  • Decorative heritage ceiling and cornice repair

  • Ceiling Resurfacing

  • Kitchen bulkhead construction

Ceiling Repair Toowoomba

  • Ceiling resurfacing

  • Water damaged ceiling repair

  • Decorative plaster ceiling repair

  • Sagging plasterboard ceiling repair

  • Ceiling repair for modern homes

  • Ceiling repair for heritage homes

  • Skylight Plastering

Gyprock Repairs Toowoomba

  • Wall repair

    • repairing small holes in plasterboard aka drywall 
    • repairing big cracks and holes in plasterboard
  • Gyprock repair

Suspended Ceilings Toowoomba

  • Suspended ceiling installation for renovations 

    • to hide electric wiring and plumbing, for better accoustics and insulation
  • Dropped ceiling installation

    • to cover vermiculite ceilings
    • and popcorn ceiling covering
  • Archway plastering

Plaster Cornice Repair and Installation Toowoomba

  • Cornice repair for heritage homes

  • Cornice repair for modern homes

  • Installation of cornices

  • Ornamental cornice repair

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Plastering Services Toowoomba QLD

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Quality Workmanship

We take pride in our work, it reflects our ability and our business therefore we do not take short cuts

Small jobs too

Got a hole in the wall from a cricket ball?

We fix those. 

Great Work ehtic

We may be old school like that but we tackle the project as if it was our own home and work hard to get the best outcome and finish for your plastering project. 

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Freequently Asked Questions

What does drywalling mean?

Drywall is also known as plasterboard which is a common building product for the construction of ceilings and walls in Australia.  

Plasterboard is made up of layers of gypsum that is between layers of felt paper. The gypsum is already dry when the plasterboard is used therefore it is called ‘drywall’, it is quicker to use than old style of plastering which requires drying time of the layers. 

Plasterers use plasterboard especially in new builds as it is a more time efficient process with a good smooth finish. 

What are the benefits of having a suspended ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are also referred to as dropped ceilings, false ceilings and floating ceilings. . 

A dropped ceiling is an additional ceiling which is constructed and suspended (or fixed) beneath the original or structural ceiling.

The benefits of a suspended ceiling include:

  • sound proofing 
  • improved acoustics 
  • better insualtion
  • hiding an existing ceiling like a popcorn ceiling
  • hiding electrical wiring and plumbing, providing easy to access for any work to be done. inthe future
  • renovations: being abble to install downlights  
What is popcorn ceiling?

We have all seen the glorious popcorn ceiling in one place or another, it is a style of ceiling that is textured and has the appearance of foam/ popcorn. Popcorn ceilings are made up of styrofoam, card-board based or are vermiculite ceilings. Vermiculite ceilings have earnt their bad reputation because many contain asbestos in the mixture.  

Do you have a vermiculite pop corn ceiling in your home or office in Toowoomba?

When vermiculite ceilings deteriorate and begin to chip off and wear away, if they have asbestos in them this is when it becomes a problem because the asbestos can become airborne which then poses a health risk to exposed individuals. 

You may consider that it would be better off to just remove the vermiculite ceiling and have a new ceiling installed, or perhaps the pop corn ceiling is in good condition but you just want to cover it, a suspended ceiling would be a good option for you. 

Contact your local plasterer in Toowoomba to discuss what your best options are for your needs. 

Are water damaged ceilings able to be repaired?

Water damage on a ceiling is not only unattractive, it can also pose health risks considering long term exposure to mould. 

How does water damage happen on a ceiling? 

  • Leaking roof
  • Burst or leaking pipes

Water damaged ceilings are characterised by discolouration usually brown around the edges on the surface of your ceiling and typically a damp smell

Our services include water damage repair in Toowoomba, it is best to have the section repaired straight away then leaving it to fester which will commonly lead to needing the whole ceiling replaced if the mould and moisture spread (which it often does…) 

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